Ask a Mortician

Caitlin Doughtry's life may just be my ultimate career crush. 

She studied medieval history with a focus on death and burial rituals (have I ever told you about my favorite university class - "honoring the dead?")

Later, after researching current burial practices, she decided that she wanted to take some of what she learned about family participation and grieving and put it into practice today. She enrolled in Cypress College of Mortuary Science in California, became a certified mortician and founded The Order of the Good Death which hearkens back to a time when publications and books on "how to die well" were a common genre of literature. 

Her group of artists, academics and funeral industry professionals discuss current trends and "prepare a death-phobic culture for their inevitable mortality." 

She also has a YouTube channel called "Ask a Mortician"

If you too, are "death-phobic" or just morbidly curious, I suggest you check her out.