Remembrance and Body Preservation

I am probably the only one, but this news of the death of Hugo Chavez has had me captivated. His death has led to one interesting detail to the next and has culminated in the most fascinating event of all. 

Have you heard? - His body will not be buried. It will not be burned. Instead it will be embalmed and placed within a crystal case to remain on display for perpetuity. 

He's not the first, by any means, to do this.

Lenin was preserved in a similar way and is still on display in Moscow's Red Square. 

Mao Zedong's body still receives daily visitors despite being being dead for over 30 years.

Chavez's case is an interesting one though - as it is the first in several decades and it is being preserved in a rather warm and humid country. I am so curious to find out just how this will all go down...

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