Saul Steinberg, Autogeography, 1966

I am fascinated by all of the ways that people document their lives and experiences - photos, letters, lists, collections. Each one carries a different kind of weight.

 But this piece by Saul Steinberg is especially poignant to me lately - an Autogeography.

With all of the moving around we have done lately, I feel that Place has had the greatest influence over my life.  Where I have been has certainly become an integral part of who I now am.

I may have to try my hand at my own autogeography sometime soon.


Atarah said...

This is creative and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Ann Marie said...

beautiful! what an awesome idea!

Jim (Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Blog) said...

I just found your blog through Geneabloggers. You have some very interesting and uniquely creative posts.

Regards, Jim
Hidden Genealogy Nuggets