Facial Hair a la ....

 From our baby's names to our clothing, we have always been imitating the famous. Even our ancestors were doing it. As proof - here are some of the facial hair styles inspired by the rich and famous. 

 Maximilian was the Austrian president who was placed as Emperor of Mexico by the French and Mexican Monarchists. He was later killed by the revolutionaries. Turns out he may have been able to save himself by hiding in a convent and disguising himself as a nun. He wouldn't accept the offer however, because he would have to shave off his lovely ginger beard.

Ironically, this fellow facially fashion forward leader was the one to make Maximilian into Don Maximiliano. Napoleon the Third. This guy holds the interesting title of being both the first elected president and the last monarch of France.

Giuseppe Garibaldi is considered one of the "fathers of the Fatherland" of Italy. His politics inspired many across Europe and his beard inspired many others across the world.


Jared said...

I thought Max was Austrian?

This is nice stuff. Hair on my face always makes me feel more manly.

Elisse Newey said...

you are so right. Interns..... am I right?

Actually I just feel like a huge dork. A dork for writing about Maximilian in the first place. And then extra dork points for getting it wrong!

I hope you guys are well!