1940 Census Countdown

So the 1940 census comes out in approximately 31 days, 1 hour and 43 minutes. (that's April 2nd if your math skills are anything like mine). 

If you are new to "researching the dead" (as my friends like to say) you may be thinking "what's the big deal?..."

But let me tell you - the 1940 census is a big honkin' deal. The National Archive reports that "the 1940 U.S. Federal Census is the largest, most comprehensive, and most recent record set available that records the names of those who were living in the United States at the time the census was taken."   

That is especially exciting if you are brand new to searching for ancestors and don't know where to begin. Most everyone knows someone who was alive in the 1940s. That makes the federal census an excellent jumping off point for so many more people!

Over the next 31 days, 1 hour and 41 minutes I'll do several posts to help you get familiar with the census, how to search the archive and how you can help the National Archives get ready for the release. 

that's right - get excited.

image via  National Archives


the Grows said...

It's a good thing I got married, otherwise I'd have no geneology to do with a mom and sister like you.

Lynn Palermo said...

Wonerful blog, love the ideas you have going on, welcome to Geneabloggers and looking forward to following your journey.

Elisse Newey said...

Beth - Whatever! You should see our tree. It needs more help than even the extended family could handle.

Lynn - thank you so much! I'm excited to be part of the community.