Your Own Love Letter.... for $200

After all that talk about love letters last week I have found myself wishing I had 1 or 2 of my own lovely handwritten love letters to pass on to posterity. Too bad I have awful handwriting and there's no fountain pen to be found. And forget about a romantic wax seal....

Turns out I can buy one! The Brooklyn-based company, Paperfinger will rewrite your love letter onto fancy Italian paper with their incredibly gorgeous handwriting and then seal up the whole thing with an iconic red wax seal for $200. 

Only catch- you have to be brief. For every additional page it is $125. 

I think they are gorgeous but I don't think I could ever justify the money! What do you think? Would you ever consider such a thing? 

(I think, for the money, I would rather have some personalized ribbon! )


naomi said...

Elisse. This may be the classiest nerd-blog I've ever seen! Also, this is a lovely idea but yeah.... $200. My love letter to Julian and Andy, in case I randomly die (morbid?) is on college ruled paper. About $199.50 less class, but effective.

Elisse Newey said...

I take that as some high praise (as nick cage would say) coming from you!

I think I would have my own college-ruled-love-letter if I wasn't sure it would disappear into the chaos that is my house.

Eric and Jill said...

That's crazy that someone would pay. Isn't the endearing part the fact that it was handwritten? And in order to not loose mine, Eric will write it in my journal and I'll (more often) write in his. Never will get lost that way.