Wedding Silver

I have a tendency to collect things. My sentimental personality just doesn't allow me to pass up opportunities to give objects an appreciative (although increasingly cluttered!) home.One of my favorite growing collections is my pile of silverware. 

In the past it was common for brides and grooms to receive silver as a wedding gift. There was often designed into the pieces a space for initials, or even names, to be engraved. Interestingly, they weren't typically given in entire sets. Rather, one guest may give them one table setting. Another guest may give them a spoon or two. 

 I have several spoons in my collection that have letters engraved onto them.My favorites are the "h" and the "z." I love the little Z and how rough the engraving is. 

And from the little research I have done the spoon with the H on it is a detailed version of the "fiddle" style which indicates that it was made sometime in the late 1800s. It is still very shiny and nice which makes me think it can't possibly be that old...

I just wish I could somehow know more about the couple that owned them.

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