My Wig-Wearing Crush

I have a bit of a confession. And I haven't yet told my husband so keep it quiet for me....

I have a bit of a crush on Thomas Jefferson. I realize that he would probably be a pain to live with - all of those crazy hours and regimented schedules. But all the same, something about him and his lists and his flowing, passionate words I find intriguing and romantic. I can't help it. 

So when I stumbled upon this little gem among the archives of his life I also couldn't help a spell of jealousy! 

It is a love letter from Jefferson to a young, married English woman he met while serving as the U.S. minister to France. She had just left France for her home in England. In true Jefferson fashion (I can say that because we are tight, Jefferson and I) he can't just say how much he loves her and what not - he instead, personifies his head and his heart and let's them duke it out on page for her. 

my favorite line: "Heart: Oh, my friend! This is no moment to upbraid my foibles. I am rent into fragments by the force of my grief! If you have any balm, pour it into my wounds; if none, do not harrow them by new torments. Spare me in this awful moment! At any other I will attend with patience to your admonitions." 

Transcribed letter found HERE


Eric and Jill said...

such a sad letter!! So sweet though and I never knew that story.

Elisse Newey said...

Isn't it neat! I was so excited when I found it! How are you and the baby!?

Ashley Seil Smith said...

I love this blog, Elisse!

Elisse Newey said...

thank you ashley! I take it as quite a compliment coming from someone of your taste.