How To: Use your love letters

I am constantly looking for ways to surround myself with my family heirlooms. And since I am not the only person living in my house(and have watched one too many episodes of hoarders), I have to make sure that any new treasure is somewhat stylish in addition to being sentimental.

When I received a set of letters that my great-great-grandfather to his family back in Scotland after immigrating to California, I couldn't bear to keep them on the shelf! So I ran down to my nearest copy shop, had them color-copied and then framed and hung my favorite page. 

It has a neutral simplicity and I love that I have a piece of my Grandfather nearby. Best part - it didn't take all that much creativity.... and you can tell by my photography skills that I don't have much of that!

Need more inspiration?... Check out these gorgeous examples of using letters as decor.

A letter to Aerin Lauder from her grandmother Estee

images 1,2,3, 45,


Eric and Jill said...

Such a creative way to do it. The bigger problem I find is knowing how to find heirlooms. I know I can get lots of old pictures but anything with real history, hasn't passed into my parents hands. So where would I begin?

Elisse Newey said...

I think for our generation the place to start is with our grandparents - they tend to have lots of things that used to belong to somebody or another but just want to give the things to someone who will appreciate it. I have found that speaking up about things I love or am interested in works really well. Most of the time, the objects weren't even wanted by the person that had them, but they just couldn't get rid of it. Anyway - my advice would be to start with asking about what is out there.

let me know if that helps!

the Grows said...

I just want you to know, that even though our letters aren't so pretty and old fashioned, Josh and I framed our favorite letters to each other. We love seeing them all the time and stop to read them quite a bit. We're totally gonna make a framed wall collage of them.