How To: Preserve Family Recipes

A big portion of my family memories revolve around food. Christmas, for me, is as much about tacos and mandarin jello as it is about presents and trees. And nothing makes me feel as connected to my ancestors as homemade shortbread. There is nothing quite like the power of food to connect generations. 

For that reason I believe it is super important to preserve family recipes. There are a million ways to do this. My most recent favorite method is to create a tangible and beautiful cookbook through online programs such as Blurb or Tastebook. These sites offer many choices for formats and color schemes and make uploading as simple as dragging and dropping! My favorite part is that both allow for family photos next to the food photo and a space for a story to go with each dish. That way, the stories are captured in addition to the ingredients. (like why in the world it is you eat tacos on Christmas day!0

I am dying to make one for my family! 

What do you do to preserve recipes in your own family? 

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