How To: Marriage Records Part 3

Marriage Records can be found in many different places. Beyond ancestry.com and familysearch.org there are 4 big ones:

1. Church Records: In the United States, church records date back to the 1600s. And in other countries, they date back much earlier. They are an excellent source of information. Although many of the church records are being scanned and uploaded to the web (like the Mexican Parish Records I featured yesterday) most are still only available at the church itself or on microfilm through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. 

  * Take a look at familysearch.org and type in the location of your family into the "Place-names Search" to see what churches existed and what records are available.  

  * Church records are located under the subtitle: church records. 

  * If you find something that matches the time period your ancestors may have been around, click on the link and "view film notes." 

  * From there you can either view the record if it has been uploaded, or you can order the film and view it at your nearest Family History Center. 

2. Family Bibles: Historically, families kept their important dates and information written in the pages of the family bible. Many of these bibles have been passed down over time. But if you haven't uncovered one in your family don't fret! check out the following organizations who are compiling these types of records. 

  * The Daughters of the American Revolution have collected and transcribed many Bible records and the index can be accessed HERE. 
  * www.biblerecords.com is a free site that is "dedicated to transcribing and digitizing the contents of family bibles." 

  * Cyndi's List has a fairly extensive collection of locations, both physical and across the internets, where you can search for your family bible records. 

3. State Archives:Each state has their own archive or state library and each has different things to offer. The best place to go to find your state's archive and info is actually available through the Georgia Secretary of State's website: Here.


4. City and County Civil Registration:Just to make things extra confusing, there are records available at the City and County levels as well. And again, each county and city is different in what they contain and how they operate. My best advice is to look up the county/city where your kin heralds from on the familysearch wiki. There you can find some pretty detailed info about what is available and how to track it down. 

I hope this helps somehow! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line. 

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