How To: Marriage Records part 1


There are as many kinds of marriage records as there are countries, counties and cities. There are religious records and civil records. there are records in Latin, Old English and those that are just plain hard to read. But luckily, there are some features of Marriage Records that are consistent across every type - no matter where they come from or how bad the priest's hand writing was. 

First, here is the least you can expect from a marriage record of any type. This particular example comes from Alvaro and Ellen's marriage certificate from the United States during the 1890s. 

Here is the original document

It isn't the best resolution (as it is with old documents that have been copied, scanned, and re-scanned) but you can see that there is a lot of information and searching through it can be easily overwhelming. But just remember the 6 items that you are looking for - date, place, groom's name and approximate birth year and bride's name and birth year.

There is a bit more information you can find - but these are really the key things to look for.

I hope that helps at least a bit!

In the following posts I will show you the same information from a Mexican Parish Record and an English Civil Record; as well as some info on what to do with all this exciting new information once you have found it! And later on, I will include a post on how you can find a marriage record for your lovely married kin!


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