Got a minute for genealogy?

I admit it. I used to be one of those people on the corner that ask you if you have a minute for ____________. Anyone who knows me knows that standing on a corner and initiating unwanted conversation with strangers is totally not my style. Needless to say, it lasted only 3 weeks.
But here I am, acosting you over the internets to ask you - got a minute for genealogy sir/ma'am? 
And don't say you don't because I will put you in a virtual headlock until you say yes! (just kidding)
But if you do......
one of my favorite little finds as of late are the wonderful video tutorials found on the Family Search website. they come in a variety of subject areas and ability levels. 

i especially love the "5 Minute Genealogy" series - i love my learning in small, manageable doses! each one also comes with a handy worksheet in PDF form with the key vocabulary from the lesson along with a challenge activity to complete.

i highly recommend checking them out next time you've got 5 minutes to spare!

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